2011 Harvest Shares Begin

Well, the silence on the blog is because we have been so busy jumping around the crazy spring weather we have been having and trying to get things planted for the harvest season. Finally we begin to have some proof that we have been out in the fields planting for you. Here is the first CSA share. It is a little later than usual but we hope it will be worth the wait. The Zucchini and Basil are from one of our unheated greenhouses. The Scallions were actually overwintered outside from last fall’s planting. Everything else has been growing rather slowly out in the field. It would certainly help if we had a little more sun and warmth (but please not the extreme jumps into the 90’s!).
Although we love to complain about the weather and it has indeed been challenging here, I do acknowledge that we really should be counting our blessings….. we have not been flooded, haven’t had hail or tornadoes or other severe weather events…. just inconvenient snows and rains…

We are happy to be harvesting for you all again. Despite the crazy weather so far, we look forward to an abundant year with lots of exciting things happening on the farm. We will get into the routine of a regular weekly blog post.

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