Time to Sign up for CSA Shares!

Heirloom tomatoes from Luna Bleu Farm

You can almost taste these juicy heirloom tomatoes, can’t you?

Finally, the time you have all been waiting for: signing up for your CSA shares! Yes, even though it is many degrees below zero and there is a nice covering of snow on the ground, now is the time to sign-up for 2013 harvest season shares . . . you can almost taste those juicy heirloom tomatoes, can’t you?

It is also time to sign up for the 2013-14 storage/winter shares. Now, I know that feels like eons away, but since we order seeds now and start planting some of those crops as early as March, it really helps our planning if we know how many winter shares we have.

You don't have to be a penguin to want a winter share!

You don’t have to be a penguin to want a winter share!

Many of our CSA members find that they really improve their diet and really feel a difference in health. It is so rewarding when our CSA members tell us stories about kids eating spinach like candy; taste buds discovering the real taste of lettuce, carrots, beans, beets . . . ; vegetarians starting to add our organic meat to their diet . . . .

We love providing you with yummy and nutritious food and giving you a link to the land, animals and the farmers that make it possible.

We want to make local eating available to our whole community. We try to address the issue of affordability with our sliding scale structure. When you join our CSA, you always save on retail prices. When you sign-up at the “Sustaining Price” you help our farm thrive and help offset the “Discounted Price” that we offer. Qualifying low-income households can apply for the NOFA-VT Farm Share Program and receive a share at half of the “Basic Price.”

Luna Bleu Farm fields

The fields will be looking like this before you know it!

I know this may all seem a little complicated, but I think the form is clear. You can look at the CSA page or just contact us if you have more questions.

How do you sign up? Just download this form, fill it out, and mail it back to us: 



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