Notes to our current CSA members

Here are some little answers to some questions you may have about your CSA shares.

Q: How much longer does the Harvest Season CSA go?

A: The regular harvest season shares that you are enjoying right now will go into the middle of October. We have to watch the weather and see what shape the fall crops are in before we decide on the last day of the Harvest Season CSA. We will definitely harvest for you the week of Oct 7 . . . then we may decide to skip the following week and make the week of Oct 21 the last week of Harvest Season CSA shares. We’ll be sure to send out an email to everyone before Oct 14 so you’ll know!

Q: When do Winter CSA shares start?

A: The first Winter CSA share is during the first weekend of November (Nov 2 and 3). For the first share only, everyone comes to the farm to pick up their allotment of vegetables. After the first pickup, your monthly pickups will be either here at the farm or at Norwich Winter Market. I will send out the specific dates as we get closer.

Q: Can I still sign up for a Winter CSA share?

A: Weeeelllll, really we try to get everyone to sign up in the early spring, but we do have room for a few more small winter shares. If you missed out in the first round, contact us ASAP.

Q: Why were my potatoes dirty in the last pickup?

A: Yes, we have a beautiful root washer, why did we give you dirty potatoes? The weather this year has really fostered lots of disease in the soil and we found that if we wash the potatoes just after harvest the slight abrasion caused by washing can get disease under the skin and we will get bad spots on the potatoes in a few days. Better they dry out a bit — keep them in a basket or open paper bag — then wash them when you are ready to use them.

Put some food by!

September is the time to put things up for the winter. Freeze, can, dry . . . here are some things that we can provide for you in quantity to preserve. Do not delay, the season can end at any time!

Bulk tomatoes. We can sell you a 20 lb box of “seconds” for $1/lb; these would be mostly plum tomatoes which are meatier for sauce making. They will have small cracks or spots but be otherwise perfect for saucing up. And if you want plum tomato “firsts” in a 20 lb box, we will sell them to you at our wholesale price of 1.50/lb.

Basil for pesto. I should have urged you to come out last month, but we still have some! Come pick your own and donate some money to our Farm Share program for low-income shares. Fill a few bags from the field . . . call us to let us know when you would like to come.

Hot peppers. People at the farm have been able to take some and I will send some out this week with the boxed shares, but if you would like a nice quantity, contact us and we will see what we can do… again we will just ask you to donate to the Farm Share program

Sweet peppers. We have had a bumper crop and they are sooooo easy to freeze: just slice them up and spread them out on a cookie tray and put in the freezer over night. Once they are frozen hard, you can collect them into a freezer bag and then take out what you need because they are not frozen in a big clump in the bag. If you get more than you can use right away in your share, just freeze a few.

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