GARLIC SCAPES! I think of these as some of the great examples of local farms introducing people to a new and beautiful (in a weird and wild way) food. They are the “flower” of the most popular type of garlic grown in the Northeast. Despite what you might think from the previous post, we did not introduce this culinary treat to the world… we won’t even try to take credit.

Young and tender like these, you can use them anywhere you would use garlic. They are also great brushed with oil and thrown on the grill. CSA members will find them in their shares for these next few weeks. The rest of you, just come to the farmers’ market, or go out to your garlic bed!

What else is in the share this week… well, a little like last week… lettuce, bokchoy AND bokchini, a few zucchini and cukes, basil, spinach or chard, scallions… I think that is all.
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