Bald Eagles Visit the Farm

(no, we did not take this photo.. but the birds sure looked just like this!)

Last week, I walked out to milk the cow and as I headed toward the pond a huge bald eagle flew out from the trees and then another smaller one flew up from the ground. I stood in mild disbelief… it is just pretty amazing to be just watching these big birds cruising around the pond.
In the winter, eagles often need to supplement their diet with carrion since open water and fish are scarce. The eagles had found some of the remains of the pigs we had slaughtered earlier in the month.

The next day I went out toward the pond again and as I approached, I saw 6 no, 12 or more big black birds perched in the trees! All the eagles of Vermont? Opps no, they are really just the flock of turkeys still roosting in the trees. Later that day though, we did see the eagles again. They came a few days in a row. Pretty neat!

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