About Luna Bleu Farm


Luna Bleu Farm sweet peppers

Sweet peppers in so many colors and shapes!

Luna Bleu is a diversified organic farm in central Vermont. We, Tim Sanford and Suzanne Long, have been farming on this land in South Royalton since 1993. Before that we farmed in South Strafford, Vermont, and Lebanon, New Hampshire.

Each year we are joined by a crew of hardworking apprentices and local employees and often our son and daughter, Lucas and Shona. Together we produce a wide variety of organic vegetables.

We also raise cows, pigs and poultry organically. In the spring, many gardeners purchase healthy, organic plants from us. Summer is of course the peak harvest time and we bring an abundant farm harvest to farmers’ markets and our CSA members.

In the fall, we harvest and store a wide variety of root crops, onions, cabbages, and garlic for our winter CSA and winter markets. We also begin planting again in our greenhouses for an exciting array of greens in the cold winter months. Always something going on at the farm!

We hope you can come visit some day or until then, enjoy our farm products.

Luna Bleu Crew

Luna Bleu Crew, Tim’s on the left, Suzanne’s on the right

We sell our farm products through Our CSA program, local farmers’ markets, restaurants, and co-op stores.

Our farm is also a place to learn. We are visited by local school groups, law students, and interested consumers who want to know more about agriculture and farming (see Farm Events). Every season, we are joined by a few apprentices who are interested to get a feel for what family farming is like. We offer them a chance to immerse themselves in the day to day farm work and lifestyle. Apprentices often become like part of the family and we are grateful for the wonderful big extended family we have out there! (see Apprenticeships) In recent years we have been host to WWOOFERs, volunteers on organic farms, and have enjoyed meeting folks from other parts of the world and around the US.

In a world of global communication and commerce we remain a locally based farm and business. You will see descriptions of products and services here, but unless you are close to central Vermont and the Upper Connecticut Valley you may be disappointed. We are not in the mail order business and have no current plans to go that way. If you like what you see here but do not live in the area, we encourage you to seek out your local farms, farmers’ markets, and businesses supporting local agriculture, they will appreciate your business! See the links page for ways to find local farms.

 Suzanne’s Rant . . . updated

After much resistance, we created a website . . .  Really, we would much rather that you come to the farm and experience it in person… or just go outside and dig in the dirt, smell the flowers, listen to the birds, visit with your neighbors.

Still, we recognize the value of this technology and we will try to use it to give you the information you may be looking for with regular updates about farm happenings. Still, try not to get sucked into the never-ending loop of e-info. Remember to turn off the computer and go see the real people and the real world and have real conversations. There is no substitute. Still, you might want to check out our homepage regularly for updates on what we’ve been up to! (Are we headed down the slippery slope!?)

YES! We now zoom down the hill because we even have a Facebook page! OMG!

Find us, yes, on Facebook, like us, even!

OK, now that I have gotten that off my chest . . . even though I feel a little hypocritical . . . we will try to have fun making this website, this blog, this FB page — for life is too short to do otherwise . . .