Chicken Notes

Happy chickens in the field

Happy chickens in the field

At Luna Bleu Farm we raise about 700 organic chickens a year for meat and about 150 laying hens for eggs. Our poultry is all raised free-range on pasture and fallow vegetable fields. This helps us to improve our field and pasture fertility, while making healthy and happy birds.

We get our day-old chicks in the mail and provide them with a warm, dry place for their first few weeks. As soon as they are hearty enough, we put them out on pasture in movable pens.

When they get a little bigger we put a nice big flexi-net fence around them so they have plenty of room to explore and forage. The electrified fence also helps to keep predators out and the chickens away from growing gardens (perhaps that means our chickens are not completely free . . .). In addition to eating bugs and worms while foraging, we feed our chickens a daily ration of certified organic grain.

Our eggs are available for purchase at farmers’ markets and through our CSA Egg Share. From May to October we often sell out of eggs early at the farmers’ markets, so in season, our CSA members have an “egg access advantage”!

Our chickens can be purchased fresh or frozen from the farmers’ market, through our CSA, or directly here at the farm. We have a discount for purchasing ten or more chickens and we appreciate advance orders.

If you want to know when we are bringing fresh — never frozen! — chickens to the farmers’ market, I recommend you like us on Facebook — we try to post there when we’ll have fresh chickens, so you’ll be sure to see our announcements.

Typically we process a few times in June, July, September, and October, and this year we will also have at least one processing in August.

And one last thing on the chicken front . . . we can only sell whole chickens. Sometimes people are hesitant to buy larger birds when we have them, but I say “don’t be afraid!” Larger birds are great! More meat for the amount of bone. And when you buy them fresh, you can always cut them up and freeze pieces . . . have a wing party over the winter, use a chicken breast in stirfry . . .

Here is a great video showing how to cut up a chicken (hat tip to our pals at Sunrise Farm for finding this). Very clear directions and demonstration. It really is not that hard… even I can do it! Take a look and bookmark it for the next time you buy a fresh, organic, free-range chicken from Luna Bleu Farm.

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