CSA Week 5: July 5-9

My apologies that I’m not posting this until Friday but it’s been a pretty crazy week here at the farm. This late post probably won’t help anyone all that much (the vegetables are pretty simple this week so I don’t really have any preparation and recipe ideas) but at least there will be a little continuity here and I’ll make sure stay on top of the blog from here on.

Summer certainly arrived in full force with the heat wave this week. The intense heat we had this week just makes it a little tougher on everyone, people and animals (especially the pigs who need mud to cool down since they don’t sweat). This is the first week that we’ve been harvesting our field summer squash, zucchini and cucumbers. Up to now, the zucchini and cucumbers you’ve gotten have come from the greenhouse. The amount of squash and cucumbers from here on only should increase. The other big news here at the farm is that one of the other apprentices, Maggie, and her friend Tyler are spearheading the construction of a wood-fired earthen pizza oven here at the farm. They started work on it this past week and are hoping to finish it sometime next week so if you’d like to be involved in the construction of the oven, give us a call and come on out this week. In conjunction with this, we will be welcoming the NOFA pizza oven to the farm this coming Monday, July 12, for pizza, a farm tour, and a discussion about CSA’s. Please join us!

And here’s this week’s share (just to spoil it for the people who haven’t picked up their Friday share yet):

Preparation tips:
Summer squash and zucchini – Great sauteed with a some butter, garlic, salt/pepper and a little oregano. This also is a great week to simply throw all your vegetables (except the lettuce and cucumber) in a stir-fry.

Sorry again for the late (and rather brief) post. Next week I’ll make sure to get back to regular Monday postings. Hope to see you Monday for the pizza and have a great weekend!

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