Hot Peppers and Tomatillos

Today we put hot peppers into the CSA share boxes… but they were all together in a bag, segregated from your sweet peppers that has free rein in the box…  Here is a photo of some of the types you would have gotten.  In general, the smaller the pepper the hotter the flavor…. with the types we grow anyway.   If you can’t use all these hot peppers at once, you could freeze them or pickle them… they do keep pretty well in a bag in the refrigerator too.

The Anaheim peppers in this photo look very much like the sweet Carmen peppers that we also grow.  That is why we keep your hot peppers separate in a bag.   You will also have gotten some ripe red sweet Carmen peppers in your share… I think they are delicious!

Here are some hot pepper recipes from a previous post (oh, you will recognize the photos too…..  reuse, recycle!)


These funny little husked fruits are relatives to the tomato and a staple in Mexican and Central American cooking.  I forgot to take a photo today so went on the internet and found this photo along with some interesting info and recipes on the Gourmet Sleuth website.  You can also find our favorite salsa verde recipe from a previous post.


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