Phew! Happy New Year!

I thought that since nothing had been posted on this blog since Irene hit VT, it may be good to let folks know that we are still really here. I know most of you DO know that but it seems from that blog that nothing has happened on the farm since then… indeed, it almost feels that way some days.

Our farm was not directly affected by the storm or flooding but our detour was detoured and travel was difficult. More serious was the damage to friends and neighbors in our town and surrounding towns. It threw us all off kilter to some degree or another. Like so many, we were so uplifted by how the communities came together and now I think we all have a new appreciation for what we have.

We are happy to put last year behind us and move forward into the winter growing season in the greenhouses and planning for next years’ crop and activities.

I plan to post some photos from the greenhouses and recipes for storage vegetables and our meats later this week. So, stay tuned….
If you are on Facebook, the farm now also has a facebook page… at least there I have posted a few things since the flooding. We love it when you give us good ideas and give us feedback about the farm or what you are finding (or perhaps more likely, not finding) on these pages.

Here’s to a Vermont winter (if it ever really gets here!) and to the next growing season!


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