January winter share

Winter CSA shares are bountiful this year. We packed boxes to take to the market yesterday and I think the medium share boxes were over 50 lbs. Next time I will split them into two boxes so we don’t hurt any of our members. I did joke at market that our goal is to make our CSA members strong by feeding them well and making them lift very heavy boxes….

We had Daikon radish and parsnips in the shares this month. To the unpracticed eye, they may be hard to distinguish…. daikon are usually smoother and not as pointed at the bottom. Our parnips are not as white as our daikons… Here is a photo of some of the less familiar winter vegetables in their unwashed state. In the top left corner is daikon radish, bottom right are parsnips, the green bulb is kohlrabi, the other bulby thing is celeriac.

Celeriac made its first appearance in the shares this year. It is the VERY lumpy bulby thing. This year we had a poor crop and thus they are much smaller than usual and we just do not have very many. Enjoy them while they are here!

Then of course there is Kohlrabi! This is a storage type and usually is much larger (difficult fall growing conditions stunted it this year). Still, it is crisp and juicy (do you have a better word to describe the texture?) Great raw in salads (grate or cut into thin strips) or cooked in soups, or roasted roots or, my favorite, add to a stirfry.

I will post some recipes for each of these winter vegetables. Let me know if you have some good ideas.

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