Mid-April Farm News You Can Use

Hi Friend of the Farm,

We’re excited to bring you this season’s high-quality Luna Bleu Farm vegetables:

Summer Shares  Beginning in June, our weekly harvest season shares are delivered to sites around the Upper Valley—or pick up right at the farm.

Winter Shares  Once the harvest season shares end in October, continue getting our vegetables with a monthly winter share that continues through April.
Meat and Egg Shares  Year-round we also offer meat and egg shares from the certified organic — humanely raised — animals here on the farm.

To eat locally all year long, we’re the farm for you!
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Farm improvements

Winter squash needs warm dry storage conditionsDid you know? Different crops store best at different temperature and humidity levels. Luna Bleu Farm has been awarded a grant from the Vermont Farm Viability Program to build proper storage rooms for our winter crops. This grant will help us redesign the middle section of our barn and build several different storage rooms with the proper conditions for the different crops.

The new storage spaces will make it  much easier to maintain onions, garlic, squash, and other crops for more of the winter season. We are really excited to make this improvement to our farm and our winter shares.

Field Notes

Chickens move to the pond . . . Springtime, and it’s time to get the chickens out of the greenhouse and on to the grass. Question: How do you move a flock of 175 opinionated hens?

Randy gets a double-wide . . . home improvements for our sow, Randy, before the piglets are due.

Off with their heads” and other greenhouse propagation tales . . .

In the CSA shares . . .

Kale, Chard, Baby Lettuce, Spinach, Oh My! It’s April, which means we’ve distributed the final winter share. The greenhouse is providing us with a amazing variety of greens — one subscriber was so moved we got a glowing post to our Facebook wall . . . and she’d never posted to Facebook before.

Also in the shares were the usual suspects: the lovely potatoes, beets, carrots, and celeriac. Everyone is also getting eggs. This is the time when the hens are just so happy to be laying eggs! Makes the Easter egg thing make sense, doesn’t it?

Open House on 4/27!

Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 27  We’ll fire up the pizza oven and with luck there will baby piglets to see and maybe even a calf or two. This is a great time to bring friends to check out the farm and get a little idea about our CSA.

We also hope to make it a bonus share day at the farm. If you are a CSA member, you will be get a late winter share or an early harvest share. Fingers crossed for good spring weather!

Our Community

It was with great sadness that we heard of the passing of Al Zielenski, a long-time CSA member and friend of the farm. Al passed away quietly and peacefully at home with his family on March 20 after a valiant fight with pancreatic cancer.

Al and his wife Jill Michaels were some of our first CSA members back in 1991 when we moved to South Strafford to farm. They welcomed us into the community and helped us get our CSA started. Al was one of our first work-share volunteers, helping us in the fields on a weekly basis during the harvest season. When we moved to South  Royalton,  Al and Jill hosted our Strafford CSA drop-off site. Sometimes Al would even drive over the hill to collect the Strafford boxes to help us streamline our delivery route.

Al, you will be missed and we send our heartfelt condolences to Jill and your loving family.

Read the Valley News profile for a lovely portrait of Al’s life.

—Your Farmers, Suzanne & Tim

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