Tim and Suzanne Become Movie Stars!

I'm a farm advocate because . . .

Tim and Suzanne on the big screen!

Some students from Vermont Law School made a brief little video with cameo appearances of some of your favorite farmers and food advocates.

Pop some local popcorn, sit back, and enjoy. How many farmers and neighbors do you recognize? We hope at least two . . .

Watch the movie!

Vermont Law School
Center for Agriculture and Food Systems

At the Vermont Law School Center for Agriculture and Food Systems, we learn from our neighbors—farmers and food entrepreneurs. We are part of the community and, through community, experience the legal and policy issues facing small and mid-sized farmers in America. This is one of the many ways education at Vermont Law School is unique in the nation and our graduates are poised to be the new generation of food, farm, and fiber advocates and entrepreneurs.  In keeping with this ethos, the following video was directed and shot by two second year law students, and the music was likewise created by law students and friends of the law school. Link

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