Our Local Seed Source!

Solstice Seeds seed packets

Solstice Seeds seed packets

Our Local Seed Source! I wanted to post this earlier in the season, but it’s not too late. While we get the bulk of our seeds from Johnny’s Selected Seeds, High Mowing, and Fedco, we are delighted to also get some very locally grown seeds from Sylvia Davatz of Solstice Seeds in Hartland.

Sylvia Davatz offers seeds of “rare, endangered, interesting, or notable vegetable varieties adapted to our region.” Her goal is “to support, maintain, and disseminate diversity, and, above all, to encourage all of you to become seed savers.”

We have found that these seeds have been very high quality with a long viability. I think this is because Sylvia takes great care in storing her seeds, only filling packets when she gets a specific orders so they remain in optimum storage conditions.

Even if you are not interested in getting seeds for this season, I encourage you to take a look at Sylvia’s catalogue and read the introductory notes about Solstice Seeds. You will learn about the importance of open pollinated varieties and successes and challenges of growing seeds locally.

For a pdf of the 2013 Solstice Seeds catalog

Listen to a radio interview with Sylvia Davatz

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