Plums at Luna Bleu Farm!

Three years ago our daughter, Shona, planted a bunch of plum trees. These trees have really thrived and this spring many of them were covered with so many blossoms . . . then we got a cold snap! OH NO!

And then phew — we were lucky and the blooms were far enough along that they were not all killed. This year we get to pick our first plums and we have lots of them.

We hope to be able to offer them to our CSA members and sell them at farmers’ markets in the years to come. We are growing plums in the northern edge of their range so we know that many years the spring will not be as forgiving and plums will not grace the table . . . but I have a feeling that when they do make it, we will have lots!

Here is a little video we made to introduce you to our plums.

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