Randy gets a double-wide

In March we worked on some of the farm outbuildings: cleaning up, putting up shelves and cupboards, adding some windows — and we decided it was time to give more space to Randy.

 Randy's new doublewide!

Tim and Ian connecting two pig houses to make a doublewide for Randy.

In case you haven’t met her, Randy is our sow. She is a pretty big sow. She is due to farrow* in mid-April and her house just looked a little small for the upcoming event. I know lots of people who suddenly find themselves moving or in the middle of a major home renovation just before the baby’s due . . . the universal nesting instinct?

Randy's new doublewide

Randy’s new doublewide!

Back to Randy . . . we thought of making a new bigger house for her but then we came up with the brilliant idea of putting two pig houses together! The result was spacious and attractive.

*farrow |ˈfarō|
• an act of giving birth to a litter of pigs.
verb [ trans. ]
ORIGIN Old English fearh, færh [young pig,] from an Indo-European root shared by Greek porkos and Latin porcus ‘pig.’

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