The Orchard

As if there weren’t already enough things going on here, last spring we decided to add a new project to the farm, and planted a small orchard. Former apprentice Russ returned to the farm for a season as a certified arborist, and somehow he and I convinced Tim and then Suzanne that fruit would be a good addition to what we can offer CSA members and potentially Farmer’sMarket customers. In the field that the pigs turned over the year before, we planted about 30 apples, 27 plums, 9 apricots, 6 peaches, and 6 pawpaws. Right now it’s all a little bit of an experiment but hopefully in a few years you will see the fruit. In the meantime, the trees are in the field closest to the house, right beyond the pizza oven and when you come by the farm topick up a CSA share or for plant sales or a gathering, you’re welcome to take a look.

Here Russ and I are doing a bit of winter pruning and testing branch spacers so Russ can make more to put on when the weather warms up a bit.
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