Winter on the farm

Plum trees in winter.

Plum trees in winter.

Winter is when the farmers at Luna Bleu Farm look back . . . and think ahead.

We are ordering our seeds, scheduling our planting dates, and making our field maps . . . meaning that it’s time to sign up for our CSA!

To find out about our CSA and download our 2014-15 Signup Form, click here

Local greens in the winter?! Impossible! Yet here at Luna Bleu Farm, despite the freezing temperatures, we are still able to harvest spinach and other greens from our greenhouses. These houses do not receive any supplemental heat, we just work with the sun, crop varieties, and careful management to add fresh greens to our Winter Shares and offerings at the Norwich Winter Farmers’ Market.

Winter Farmers' Market

Lindsay and Lucas at the winter market.

You can find us at the Winter Farmers’ Market every second and fourth Saturday from 10am to 1pm at Tracy Hall in Norwich.

Wanna work with us? We have filled our positions for this growing season.  Still if you are interested to work with us in the future, feel free to contact us and come visit during the growing season.

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