Tim and Suzanne, back from Spain!

At night in front of the Great Mosque of Còrdoba

Here we are at night in front of the the Great Mosque of Còrdoba: Shona, Carmen, Carmen’s husband Pedro, Tim, Suzanne, and Alfonzo…

Yep, they did decide to come back — even though they had a great time!

Trip highlights . . . seeing their daughter Shona who was a wonderful translator and tour-guide . . . eating great food . . . walking, walking, walking, through lots of history . . . meeting Shona’s adopted mother and grandfather, Carmen and Alfonzo. Carmen manages the local food coop at which Shona had an internship and Alfonso has been farming around and (now as the city has grown) in the city over sixty years. They and Carmen’s family really taught and shared so much with Shona . . . and then with us!

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