Time to Sign Up for a New CSA Season!

It is time to sign up for the next cycles of Luna Bleu Farm CSA Shares. We are very excited about this next year. (Do I always say that at this time of year???)
The greenhouses are doing well in their winter production and we are looking forward to some yummy early crops.
Our current winter season share will continue into April. CSA members are getting a bountiful amount of roots from the root cellar and greens as they are available from the greenhouse. If you want to join in this winter food fun next winter, NOW is the time to sign up. Don’t hesitate. We always run out of winter shares. I know it seems so far ahead, but we plan now for that fall harvest.

June starts our Harvest season shares. At this time of year we just yearn for those fresh ripe vegetables…. crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes, luscious melons, buckets of zucchini! The Mill Bridge was rebuilt last summer so access to the farm will be quick and easy. We are excited to really use our pizza oven under its newly built “Pizza Hut” during the warmer weather. We will have CSA pizza days on some of our Monday farm pickup days and some Sundays during the summer.

We do deliver CSA summer shares to Randolph, Norwich,South Strafford, and White River VT and Hanover and Lebanon NH. We would happily consider other sites if there are enough customers. Maybe there are people at your workplace that would be interested in getting shares. We could potentially deliver to your workplace. Let us know if you have some ideas.

We have been doing this CSA thing for such a long time…. in fact we are one of the three longest running CSAs in the state. We still have some of our original CSA members who have been with us since 1991! We have been a little lax in promoting our CSA over the last years. I think that can kinda just creep up on you when you have been zooming along for such a long time. So think of all of those people that may not even know about us because we are so good at keeping a secret! Now it’s time for us to let the cat out of the bag again. If you’ve been happy with your Luna Bleu CSA experience, let others know! If you haven’t…. well, let ME know!

Alright, enough of all that. Let’s see if I can link a CSA form right here… If not, it is on our website. That is a good place to get more info about our CSA. (Oh, the links did work! Brilliant!)

Tootle Loo!

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