Vermont Farm Share: Feeding Our Community


When Tim and I first started farming together, our core mission was to feed people good nutritious food. The challenge of course is how do we make good organic food available to everyone and still support the farm? This is a tricky tightrope in our modern economy of cheap food and unmeasured social and environmental costs of industrial agriculture. . .

Still, we try! Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) seems to be a good model to use. At Luna Bleu Farm, our CSA pricing structure is a sliding scale which is one attempt to make our produce more easily available to a larger segment of our community.

We have also always donated food to community food shelves and other organizations serving low-income Vermonters, but that always seems piecemeal and hard to maintain on a regular basis. Enter the Farm Share idea:

In the early 1990s when Luna Bleu Farm was in its early CSA years, we worked with NOFA-VT to start the Farm Share Program as a way to make locally grown produce available to a broader economic sector of the community. Low-income families have the opportunity to purchase CSA shares at ½ price and the farm receives the rest of the price through donations made to the Farm Share Program. This makes local food available to families on a regular basis AND the farm does not carry the full cost.

Our CSA members have a chance each spring to donate to the Farm Share Program when they sign up. NOFA-VT now does some statewide fundraising so more shares can be available and the farm is still supported.

We thought it was time we do a little more outreach for this program so Luna Bleu Farm can more easily provide subsidized shares in the community. We will have short information forms at the CSA pickup at the farm and in your CSA boxes. Keep an eye out for them and consider donating. It doesn’t need to be much, these things add up quickly when lots of people participate!

If you don’t get a form from us, you can also make a tax-deductible donation online to NOFA-VT. If you want to be sure your money goes to Luna Bleu Farm’s Farm Share account, please be sure you indicate that with a note in the memo line of the check, as a note to NOFA-VT.

You can also just donate to the farmshare program in general and your money will help all over the state. This is a great way to connect more people directly to our local farms and start strong relationships. If you’ve read this far, thanks for thinking about connecting local food with local folks who otherwise couldn’t afford organic!

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