What is it? Bok Chini!!

Luna Bleu Farm has taken to popularizing what would, to the less…. creative…. farmer, be seen as a bolting vegetable and turning it into a culinary treat! It is true, as a grower, I might be embarrassed by this photo. Yet, as YOUR farmer I am delighted to introduce to you a tender and tasty delicacy that we like to call “bok chini” (sort of like broccolini etc.) Typically would would not see this crop being sold with the pretty yellow flowers on top…. but what a loss to the world. I just started eating it in the field and found it crispy but still tender. It has a nice bok choy like flavor that ends with a little zip! You could certainly just eat it raw out of hand as I did or put it in salad. Most people would probably chop it up and make a little stir fry with it… toss in some of those scallions, a zucchini…. looks like a meal!

Earlier this spring we discovered kalini and tatsini from our overwintered kale and tatsoi…. they were hits at the farmers market. In a few years it will be all the rage. Just remember, you saw it at Luna Bleu first!

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