What was in that bonus share!?

May Bonus CSA share

May Bonus CSA share

Here is a quick little note in case you just brought home your bonus CSA share and you are not exactly sure how to identify all the things that were in it.  Let me give you a little tour…. since that was my job during the whole open CSA farm day.

If we start at the bag of spinach and work our way around clockwise we will find a bunch of kale, a bunch of mixed mustard greens– very mild and tender could be eaten in salad or very gently sauteed— chard (what shows has red stems, but most of it was white stemmed) and then two heads of bok choy before getting back to the spinach again…..   Eat well and be happy!  Email me if you need some more tips for using these greens.

It was great to see all of you!  I don’t think I really got to see everyone though…. so many people!   I will post a bit more with more photos etc…. later, because now I think I will go to bed!

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