Guest post: while the cats were away….

Getting ready for the on-farm pickup

Getting ready for the on-farm pickup

Playing for the hometeam, Kate, Mary, and _____

Playing for the hometeam, Kate, Mary, and Kaitlin

Report from Mary Bohan: Everything went smoothly while Suzanne and Tim were in Spain. Lucas, Rafe, and I, Luna Bleu’s three full-time crew members this year, each brought their own knowledge to the fields and worked together well, along with part-time assistance from Christina, Adam, Nick and Lindsay and Kaitlin.

The broilers continued to grow (and grow), the layers continued to gabble, and the pastures were successfully rotated with nary an escaped cow.

Despite some rainy days, we were able to get a fair amount of weeding done, trying to get ahead before the season really kicks into gear. It was gratifying to see to feel the workings of the farm more fully.

We are happy that Tim and Suzanne were able to have a great trip with Shona and glad to be part of this year’s team.

Note from Suzanne: “We couldn’t have gone on this Spanish adventure if it weren’t for our great crew. They were able to keep everything going despite all the rain while we were gone! I only hope they didn’t find out how smoothly things run when Tim and I aren’t around!”

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